Who We Are

We are a private, multi-generational family foundation that invests in organizations and initiatives that equip the children of Bridgeport, Connecticut with the necessary social and emotional skills to thrive academically and in life.

Tauck Family Foundation


The Foundation invests long-term in a select number of organizations and initiatives that support the holistic development of Bridgeport’s children. We strengthen our non-profit investees’ capacity to improve learning environments and foster the social and emotional skills in children that contribute to well-being and academic success. Our approach includes multi-year general operating support, targeted capacity building support, collaborative partnerships, and knowledge building and sharing.

Results We Seek

Our investments focus on strengthening the social and emotional skills of students, family members, educators, and district, school, and nonprofit leaders. To achieve these child and community outcomes, the Foundation partners with organizations and initiatives that are driven by achieving rigorous results for the children of Bridgeport.


Measures of Success

Since 2013, our investees have begun to see improvements in school climate, suspension rates, attendance, and academic attainment. For example, during the 2016-17 school year, Bridgeport Public Schools saw a decrease of 6% in out-of-school suspensions from the previous school year. And the 2016-17 school year was the first year in-school suspension rates declined since 2013-14.

Out-of-School Suspensions

In-School Suspensions

Investee Cohort Gathering

Investee Cohort Gathering

November 16, 2018

The Tauck Family Foundation's commitment to investing in organizations and their capacity to develop and monitor skills like self-control and persistence in low-income elementary students is on the cutting edge of philanthropy.

Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania

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The Tauck Family Foundation recently had the privilege of partnering with Missy Brown, Founder of Deep Play for Kids, to develop five videos for the Bridgeport community and beyond, focusing on mindfulness, breathing and movement.…

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Dear Colleagues and Friends, The tragic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many other Black men and women before them, are the most recent events in a long history of entrenched racism…

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Dearest colleagues and friends, These are unprecedented, challenging, and rapidly changing times for all of us, particularly students, families, and the most vulnerable.  We are grateful to the heroic individuals on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis, who put themselves and…

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“I’m firm believer that interpreting and producing evidence is just as critical as doing the ‘on the ground’ work itself. And sometimes the evidence points us in directions that run counter to what we believe.” #BlackHistoryMonth #YalePsych (8)

March 26, 2021 is the second Annual International SEL Day! Join us in celebrating social and emotional learning by signing up to showcase, promote, advocate and support SEL in your community. #SELday #SEL


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