A New Chapter Begins…

After more than 25 years supporting youth development, the Tauck Family Foundation has shifted its mission area focus to the environment sector. Please click here to read the full announcement. In early 2024, we will launch a website that reflects our new direction and will be updated as we continue to learn, foster new partnerships, and refine our funding strategy.

Tauck Family Foundation

Our Mission

The Tauck Family Foundation supports communities that are most impacted by climate and environmental challenges to strengthen and maintain healthy, regenerative ecosystems and land use practices through education and engagement.

Our Vision

The land and natural habitats upon which communities and all living beings depend are healthy, regenerative, and valued.

Long-Term Outcomes We Seek

• Regenerative ecosystems and practices are valued as critical for long-term environmental and community health; and
• Communities that are most impacted by climate and other environmental challenges have tools, knowledge, and resources to address adverse impacts.