David Hunter

David E.K. Hunter, Ph.D.

Hunter Consulting

David E.K. Hunter, Ph.D. consults nationally and internationally with government and private funders and direct service agencies in the social (not-for-profit) and public sectors with a focus on organizational capacity building, developing strategies and theories of change, performance management, and the creation, delivery, and assessment of social value. His practice builds on over three decades of experience using performance management to improve the quality and effectiveness of social services. David is the author of numerous articles and papers about strategic performance management, including Working Hard & Working Well. He is a founding member of the Alliance for Effective Social Investing and coauthor of the Guide to Effective Social Investing published by the Alliance, and of the associated Social Value Assessment Tool for Nonprofits in the Social Sector (for use by external evaluators). David is also a member of the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community, which recently published The Performance Imperative; he offers many of his tools and papers on his website.