Nicola Wagner

Nicola Wagner-Rundell, Ph.D.


Nicola Wagner-Rundell, Ph.D. is currently the Chief Product Officer at ESG Screen17, whose mission is to provide fully objective, highly granular, multi big data source driven Environmental Social Governance (ESG) analysis, enabling clients worldwide to invest by their individual ethical and moral compass, and based in Frankfurt, Germany.  Prior to joining ESG Screen 17, Nicola served as a Senior Research Scientist at Child Trends, Inc., where she supported organizations to embed outcomes-focused performance management to improve the quality and effectiveness of services for children and youth.  She has many years of experience of working with youth- and child-serving organizations and the funders and capacity-builders that support them, primarily in the fields of out-of-school time, workforce development, early childhood and education. Nicola and her team’s consulting services at Child Trends ranged from helping organizations take their first steps in using data to support organizational transformation, to becoming data-driven learning organizations, and conduct program implementation evaluations. Nicola also facilitated intensive Theory of Change workshops as developed by David Hunter and provides implementation support to develop performance management, such as performance measure development, program development, coaching on data inquiry and insight, performance reporting, and associated organizational and culture change. One of Nicola’s Child Trends projects included an evaluation of Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s PropelNext initiative. Prior to joining Child Trends, Nicola was Head of Impact Management at the UK’s leading venture philanthropy organization, Impetus-PEF, and worked for several years at a top-tier international management consultancy firm. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Oxford University.