Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones, Ph.D.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Stephanie Jones, Ph.D. is the Marie and Max Kargman Associate Professor in Human Development and Urban Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Her research focuses on social and emotional development from early childhood through adolescence. Much of her recent work has focused on exploring non-cognitive factors across the developmental spectrum, with an emphasis on conducting rigorous scientific research while also creating translational and applied products for the early and middle childhood practitioner and policy communities. Stephanie is a member of numerous national advisory boards and expert consultant groups related to social-emotional development and child and family anti-poverty policies. In addition to her expertise in program evaluation, Stephanie has experience conducting large scale literature reviews; creating multi-disciplinary, integrative conceptual frameworks; and translating research into accessible content, for example as a lead facilitator of HGSE PPE series, as a consultant to various program developers and state-based initiatives, and as an invited trainer/presenter for state-wide educator groups. Thus, Stephanie’s work regularly engages her in collaboration with diverse stakeholders from the fields of research, policy, and practice. Stephanie received her doctorate in developmental psychology from Yale University, where she trained with Edward Zigler. In 2008, Stephanie was awarded the Grawemeyer Award in Education for her work with Zigler and Walter Gilliam on A Vision for Universal Preschool Education, published by Cambridge University Press. In 2013, Stephanie was awarded the Joseph E. Zins Early-Career Distinguished Contribution Award for Action Research in Social and Emotional Learning, from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).